Do You Have A Thinking Problem?

Have you ever asked yourself if all the thinking you do is productive?

Sometimes we can create our own melancholy: a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause.

Have you noticed that when you have let your mind go into a downward spiral of feeling insufficient, other people‘s praise goes unheard.

When your life choices seem to big to bare or you are overwhelmed by self doubt, ask for spiritual guidance. Read positive messages, or get into your place where you can remind yourself of all your true powers to persevere.You have to take baby steps and not look at the mountain.

To fight against it you must awaken to the present and grasp at all those positive things happening right in front of you. List those things to be grateful for and bring joy back into your mood through music or spiritual guidance.

You don’t have to go through life’s struggles alone. You can ask for help. Resources are all around.

Today after not feeling well for multiple days in a row due to a flu virus, I felt this overwhelming fear of not being good enough and began questioning all my decisions and worth. I began second guessing what my gut was telling me and wondering if I was truly good enough to handle any of the new career options I was examining after my job loss. The thoughts of possible failure took over.

Then I read one of my spiritual leaders Josie Muterspaw’s post from Shine Healing Ministries. She reminded me I was not alone in the self doubt we can all struggle with and how when we ask for strength, God gives it to us.

Whatever challenges you are facing, you can overcome them. Stop thinking and start seeking strength.

If you would like to share your story, please email me at

Shine Healing Ministries

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