Find Your Value

Have you ever seen a fish flapping around out of water? It is hard to watch, isn’t it? You want to quickly put them back in the water where they belong.

Similarly, how often do you try to be something you are not by focusing on changing your weaknesses rather than enhancing your strengths?

If you have ever taken a new job in your past and remember the feeling of all you needed to learn you know each new position has a state of conscience incompetence. Depending on your fit to the role given your strengths and weaknesses, your feeling of value to each of your employers may have varied at first.

After a year of self-discovery in a new venture, there were times I felt like a fish out of water. I became to realize that all the biggest strengths were not what really mattered when it came to the measurement of performance in the new position. Then I went back to the industry I had spent most of my career development in and where all my strengths fit.

When comparing the two new job roles, the biggest difference was my belief in myself. I was sold the first role without my complete buy-in that I could do it. In the second role, I knew it fit my strengths and was sold myself. Now when I focus on growing in my strengths, my excitement soars!

If we don’t control that ugly critical voice inside our heads, we can let ourselves destroy our own happiness and feel like we are drowning. When we focus too much on our weaknesses rather than our areas of strength we hold ourselves back from blossoming into our very own extraordinary.

When we feel valued it feels amazing, doesn’t it? We feel our worth skyrocket and it sparks our enthusiasm and motivation to keep swimming!

If you are not feeling your own value, look at why that is? What is it that has always made you special? Are you operating in your areas of strength or are you too focused on trying to fix your weaknesses?

When you realize your areas of strength, you will have all the confidence in your ability to grow and find the value in yourself. You will feel like a fish back in the water and more importantly, you will no longer feel confined to your fishbowl!

To focus on your areas of strength here’s a link to get you started:

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