Grief Healing

Funerals make me nauseous. I can usually feel the pain intensely of those who have lost there loved ones. I stand in line thinking of how hard it must be for those closest to the loss. By the time it is my turn to give my condolences all I can do is cry and hug them.

As much as we all want to say something that makes everything better, in reality, all we can really do for someone who is overwhelmed with grief is to comfort them by showing we care. Our compassion is what they need to heal.

Grieving is so hard. Nothing cures it but time. We will all have to face it one day.

A funeral director once told me, that the funeral’s where the person’s life’s story was shared and celebrated the most,  families and friends were able to work through the grieving process better.

If you know someone grieving, just be there. Let them share their favorite memories of their loved one to help them know that even though they are gone, the person will always live on in them.

If you’ve recently lost someone you love, share their life story with someone who will listen. If you don’t have anyone, please seek grief counseling or email me at

Know that if they were loved by you, they lived well!

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