A Woman Learns How Her Mistake Can Become a Gift

While not going into detail about her sin, in a Pastoral Counseling session a woman I will call Teresa, to protect her privacy, confessed to me how she felt her bad choices were to blame for the large abnormal tissue that raveled throughout her female organs. She had so much guilt that she thought her tumors were a punishment for her sins or a shear side effect from the anguish of the sin.

She felt it was very possible that her inner turmoil which ached deep within caused her own body ailments. Unfortunately for her, the anguish caused permanent change to her body that would last forever.

She said, “Little did I know that when I wished away my sinful feelings that my ability to feel anything would be removed forever.”

Teresa continued to question, “Could it be that when I prayed to God for help, my wish was granted in such a way to leave me with the inability to give birth again?”

I reminded her that God is about grace. That everyone makes mistakes and God does not punish. I asked her, “what would you tell a friend if she shared a story like yours with you? Would you still love her?”

She began to see the truth. “Of course I would still love my friend!”

I told her. “So why don’t you still love yourself? Work on knowing you are still worthy of love. Remind yourself of all your incredible traits that make you the work of art that God created you to be.”  She began to work through the True Profile provided in the resources through Southbrook Church Pastoral Counseling and through this site.

It inspired her to start using positive self-affirmations daily.  She also began a daily journal and gained self-awareness and understanding by working through the Enneagram.  She read of other people’s struggles and did the work she was encouraged to do.

She sees the difference when she gets her heart pumping.  Yet her exercise goes beyond the physical.  She started new hobbies and recently shared with me that she has begun to create a life full of spirit again. She fills herself with more love than anyone else could give, more joy than any material possessions could fulfill, and more romance and adventure than anyone else could provide her.

The secret to replenishing her soul was to see the artful beauty of life all around her and express her own beauty for everyone to see without relying on validation to feel her substance.

If you are like Teresa, then take your story and your lessons learned and be a gift to help others find love within themselves and inspire them to also share their beautiful gifts with the world.

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