Positive Messages

All the below quotes are ones that spoke to me when others have shared them over the years. May they help you reframe your mind positively as well.

“Discover the power within you.” Eckert Tolle

Everyone intersects history, few impact it.

How are you going to be happy even if the things that frustrate you don’t change?

Leadership is defined as ‘the art of harnessing human energy towards the creation of a better future.’ Focus on respect for others and inclusion. Only you can empower yourself.

Bloom where you are planted.

When you put your life in play it is not what happens outside of you, it is what happens inside you.

Life is found in self-transcendence.

Don’t just go about. Have a purpose.

Go about doing good. Experience life now.

Gratitude is a learned skill.

Grumbling is toxic.

The older you get the more grateful you become.

Deprivation causes the most gratitude.

The richer the least grateful.

Playing, exercising and praying generates the most gratitude.

Experienced gratitude versus expressed gratitude. Be sure to express it.

Be specific as you can.

Shine like a star!

Even when the sun has disappeared, it is still there on the other side of the clouds.

Say yes to life and see how it works for you rather than against you.

Am I at ease at this moment? What is going on inside me at this moment? Observe thoughts.

Kenyan Proverb: “He who fears the sun will not become chief.” If you want to win in life you must be willing to combat the fear; overcome the obstacle, and go on to become the chief you’re destined to be! What you’re after is waiting for you on the other side of fear!

We must fix our gaze on what is ahead of us and not let out our past haunt our future. Stop letting your past define what you are capable of now. God doesn’t let your past determine the future he wants to give you! Fix your eyes on how he sees you, not on what you fear you aren’t!

The only problem with emotions is dependent upon the length of time you let yourself feel them. I wouldn’t know peace without anxiety.

How you feel in nature is how God intended.

What he has made in you, lives forever. It is your effect on others.

Encourage people.

Face the fear and it takes the power away from the fear.

Trust your skills.

The mind is everything. What you think you become. – Buddha

“Everyone is afraid to fail. The courage is in the trying.”