Create Something #FindJoy

It is amazing how alive you feel when you do something new or create something. Especially when it is close to your passion. Whether it is painting, crafting, wood burning, wood carving, poetry, songwriting, making a terrarium, renovating or making furniture or using a pottery wheel it doesn’t have to be perfect. Let yourself feel the joy of the activity and your feeling of being immersed. What have you always wanted to create? There are unlimited options to be found on YouTube, at an art center or a workshop event near you. Start now and help fulfill your soul!

The joy is in the creation.

List ideas of what you have always wanted to create in the comments section.

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4 thoughts on “Create Something #FindJoy

  1. I #findjoy in watercolor and ink painting gigantic galaxies! They’re ridiculous (I once did a moonwalking man…whose face was the moon!), messy and SO MUCH fun to create! Thank you for the reminder to drop a little joy in my life. You’re a gem, Melanie!

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