A Woman’s Love for Life Through Cancer

Kristen was only 53 when she was given the news she had breast cancer and had at most two years to live.  As expected it was a tough battle. Yet she made it through.

It wasn’t until 20 years later that the cancer metastasized and spread throughout her body. When hearing her voice even when not well, you can hear her loving spirit.

Now at 73 years old when asked what helps her stay so positive and have such a great attitude through it all, she said, “I love life.”

She told me to advise others, “Don’t give up.”

Through Kristen’s life she’s always had a love for people and stays busy.  Her family still does dinner at her house on Sunday’s, she meets friends on Wednesday’s, and keeps a busy social calendar. She says she knows some who have lost the desire to do stuff and have been stuck in depression. She feels keeping the desire to do things rather than staying home all the time has kept her feeling joyful about life.

When I met Kristen she was fifty and I was twenty three years old.  A mentor had introduced me and told me stories of her career history.  She quickly became someone who I enjoyed getting to know.  Every visit I expected to hear her fond stories of her kids and left feeling enlightened.

She has always been a pleasant woman who has worked outside of the home while keeping her family as the priority. In all my years of knowing Kristen, she has treated other people with kindness. She has a deep love for her family and still loves to share stories of how her kids are doing.  I have never heard her speak ill will of anyone.  She chooses to see the best in others and speaks highly of all those she meets throughout her journey of life.

May her story help you have a love for life too by choosing to stay positive and embrace every life moment as a gift!