Dealing with Aging: You Can Control Your Sparkle

Recently while waiting on a flight I saw an older beautiful woman with white braided hair who had a glow about her that centered from the look in her eyes. She made me recall a saying I heard once about our eyes are our path into our soul and as we age that is where our beauty can continue.

This woman was a shining example of “beauty is from within”. While I was fretting about my increasing wrinkles, increasing gray hairs, the inability to control the aging process, and the hurtful words recently spoken to me that “no one is going to be looking at you,” she helped me remember to focus on controlling my reactions to the negative and work on how I felt inside.

Given so much emphasis is put on the value of youth especially for women, it is hard to keep the focus on staying positive about the aging we cannot control. We can get caught up letting our worth be measured by our outer beauty. When we look in the mirror we magnify our wrinkles and our gray hairs and compare ourselves to the flawless photos on social media and magazines which can lead to insecurity and depression. Keep in mind magazines use photoshop and many photos are filtered just like this one of me.

The light is in the eyes. Disclaimer: Photo Filter Used.

As you look in the mirror, focus on the look in your eyes. Is it one of admiration for who you are and being alive?

If you are struggling with aging as we all do, keep focusing on seeing the beauty within you and doing things to keep your candle in your soul lit!

We can control our sparkle.

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