Inspirational Poems for Children and Adults

“Clarity is not one of the gifts of poetry. On the other hand, poetry does provide depth, insight, wisdom, vision, language, and music…A sensitive poetic treatment of images sustains intuition, which is more directly rested to emotion and behavioral response than a rational interpretation. As an added benefit, the images remain intact.” – Thomas Moore in “Care of the Soul”

Sometimes there are no exact answers in our search for them. Yet we can find healing in the shear impact art, such as poetry, has on our soul.

My favorite poem is that of Dr. Seuss, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”. The first I heard it was on high school graduation day. It was an inspiration to me. It was also the first book I read to my first daughter while being pregnant with her. Now that she has graduated high school, what better time to multiply Dr. Seus’s gift and create poetic stories to inspire you to find a creative outlet of your own.

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