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I started this blog to first help myself be present more and become my best version of myself more by helping others connect and know they are not alone.  It is to be a resource for inspiration on your daily battle or bringing out the best in yourself without the reliance on money, material possessions, drugs, alcohol, or any other addictions and vices.  May you find some stories or practices to help you grow.

I named it “Everything for The Soul” because I feel when you are doing right by your soul, is when you feel the most fulfilled.  If it were a shop, it would be filled with everything devoted for helping fulfill the soul such as signs and books with positive messages, friends, music, nature, workshops to allow creativity and plenty of warm sunshine.  Everything that creates that feeling that you are whole and at peace with who you are.  I recognize who that best person inside me is when I am enjoying the beauty of this earth such as in the woods, on a lake in a kayak, or on a private beach, enjoying the sounds of birds in the morning. Maybe it is something different for you when you recognize your true best self where all that negative talk is gone and you have peace within yourself.

Regardless of how often you feel that way or what takes you to that place of inner peace, wouldn’t you want to be able to get there more often wherever you may be standing?  A great quote I heard once is “hurting people hurt people.”   Everyone has a story and many of us let negative self talk bring us back to those voices during most painful times of our life.  If more people could overcome that with practices to be at their best more, there would be less cruelty causing those ripple effects in others lives.

Since we can’t fix the world in a day, all we can do is try to influence ourselves and others to be their best selves to at least have that small impact.  I believe most people want this.  It is just harder for some than others.

The most inspiring people, are those who can smile and laugh and be good to others even in constant physical pain.  A vet I know, shared how he was injured in war and now is in pain everyday.  He is proud of how he can still smile everyday and takes pleasure in his shiny penny movement.  He leaves a shiny penny heads up and notices how it changes a person’s attitude when they find it.  He said, “You never know what a person is going through and how that one penny could possibly safe a life.”

Wouldn’t you also like to spread some sunshine?  How long has it been since you felt fulfilled?  Within the blog you will find some simple practices and inspiration and links to discover your best you as I share what I have learned and continue to learn in my personal development from others along the way.  Then I ask you to pass along your discoveries and influence someone else to bring out their best more often.  Will you join me?

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Mission Statement: To help people recognize the true potential in themselves and be their best everyday then have them spread sunshine to others. Vision: Share resources and stories to help people reprogram their minds from negative views to positive perspectives.