Workshops and Resources

Please email if you would be interested in any of the four one-hour long workshops below.

Each workshop would divide up into small group discussion of no more than four people per table.

�-Productive Conversations: learn the method of active listening and practice how you can have better relationships.

�-Creative: find joy through expressing your artistic talent through painting, woodworking, or sign making and connect with others as you discover others are like you.

�-Leadership: learn how to help develop others and create a plan of action to become a better leader.

�-Solutions: learn techniques for becoming a better problem solver.

Click on each link below for other resources:

Identity Your Emotions

Favorite Books on Marriage

Favorite Books On Leadership

Visit for related events and classes.

Favorite Books on Parenting

Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255

Crisis text 741741