A Man Who Found His Way Out of Darkness After Losing a Child

After Levi lost his 20-year-old daughter, he got lost into darkness in the grieving process. He went so deep into a sadness that he was no longer living for those he loved and lost them also in the process.

The first he saw any light was when he felt sorry for another person who cried at his story. It made him feel compassion toward someone else and made him work towards healing. He dove into powers above himself and saw a new way of coping. He spoke with healers who believed in reincarnation and began to understand a way out of that darkness to live with the hope of joy again.

He took hold of his understanding that he would always be connected to his daughter and that experience of losing someone he loved so much was the most tragic and painful feeling anyone could ever experience. Nothing would beat that.

Writing seemed to be his gift and his therapy. Those fortunate enough to read his stories could feel his emotion down into their own souls from his deep descriptive and heartfelt writing. When you experience such a story as he was able to write you are never able to forget his impact on you.

He had given me a gift. The gift of his story and a book that he reread multiple times for healing called “Care of the Soul” by Thomas Moore. So while tragedy happens, there can be gifts that shed light through the darkness.

Levi continues to live life-impacting others and getting them to see joy can be found again no matter how dark life can get.

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