What is Your Story?

Are you primarily a listener or a talker? How often do you tell your story?

As number nine of ten kids, I have done lots of listening. My favorite part of the day when I was little was sitting around the dinner table and hearing all my families stories. My parents say I would be quiet most of the time. They would think I wasn’t really aware of what was being said and then I would say something profound showing I was paying attention to everything.

Many times in my life I have found myself doing much more listening than talking. It was something my family grew to expect of me. As I got older at times it would be harder to chime in and actually get my voice heard. There would be times in such a big family some of us would feel invisible. Sometimes it can get frustrating to get a chance to talk in a big group of people who like to talk.

However, I have come to realize I enjoy hearing other people’s stories even more than my own. I also have realized what I miss about every job I’ve had is hearing colleagues stories. Getting to laugh together, vent together, and cry together.

Since most people move on to new careers we can’t go back in time. What we can do is appreciate the stories of today and the stories of all the future people we are yet to meet.

In a section of this website, I ask people who have inspiring stories to share theirs with me. For those people who have been able to move from a victim mentality to a position of hope and strength, I have asked them if I could share their story in order to inspire others.

What is your story?  If you were recently thrown a curveball in life and are fighting battles now you did not expect, may the idea of knowing other people want to be there for you and inspire hope within you help you find your inner strength. Keep taking baby steps while walking through your pain. Don’t stay stuck. Find counseling.

If for some reason counseling is not an option for you, write to me at everythingforthesoul@gmail.com.  In your story, write all of the goals of how you want to feel. What do you want out of life? What don’t you want? Share which of the below daily activities you have done (each underlined pink link below is clickable):

I may not have all your answers. However, it is the writing alone and sharing your story with someone interested that may be the very therapy you need.

Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Crisis text: 741741

If you live in the Dayton, Ohio area, schedule free counseling by email: counseling@southbrook.org

To share inspiring stories or be referred to a Professional Counselor email: everythingforthesoul@gmail.com

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