Fighting Despair

What do you do during those moments where you realize those you love are not invincible?  Don’t you want to grab ahold of them in hopes that you can save them from pain?

Most people say you have to give the fears to God during those times that you can’t control an outcome.  It just doesn’t seem to be enough though does it?

No words seem to be enough.

Yet,  asking for help from above, showing our love through support and reminding ourselves to not let our mind downward spiral into the worst-case scenario is all we CAN do when the fear of losing someone dear is ever so present.  When someone stands by us in our pain and holds on to us through life’s greatest fears,  that love can prevent us from falling into darkness.   That love and compassion help us hold onto hope.

Where there is hope, there is light. In time, that light helps us heal and fight off despair.  God, please help us keep holding onto hope.

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