Overcoming Criticism

How well do you handle criticism?  If you are like many people, someone could share all kinds of great things, and one little not so great thing, and all you hear is that one negative.  It can derail all the self-esteem you thought you had built up in yourself.

You may be struggling with how you can ever succeed when all you can focus on is how much better you are hearing you still need to be.  First, remember everyone has a different perspective. Not everyone is going to be your number one fan.  Focus on your fans and remember no matter how hard you try, you won’t please everyone and no one is perfect.

What’s next?

-Keep a “yay me” collection. Tuck away notes to yourself for when you are not feeling so confident.  Your future self may very well thank you for the note you once left yourself or that you saved from someone else who thought you were pretty special once.

-Keep a daily gratitude journal.  When you start feeling lost in your inner critic head, reframing your mind for what you have to be thankful for will get your mind off the negative voice that tried carrying you down a rabbit hole. Learn to be thankful for the ability to learn from your mistakes. Not everyone gets constructive feedback.

-Write down and “I am…” list of all of your positive characteristics.  Work to memorize it or repeat it to yourself in the mirror daily or as often as needed to reprogram your mind. Go to it when you are not feeling confident.

-If it was warranted, use the criticism to create a plan of action to do better next time.  Use it as motivation to keep growing.  Remember growing is tough! Success is the result of many failures!

Most importantly, if you were able to thank the person for the feedback, you are already a step ahead of the majority.  Many people only react with anger even when constructive criticism is warranted.  So stand tall.  Find your inner peace.  You are healthier at handling criticism than you think.

Have a story to share or tips on what has helped you?  Email me at everythingforthesoul@gmail.com.

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