How Are You Defined?

How do you measure your worth? Is it your job success?

This week I got an unexpected call notifying me I would need to find another job.

I put so much of my effort into work that at times in my life I have let how well I do at my job define my overall worth. This isn’t the first time that despite my efforts job changes needed to occur without it being my choice.

The first time I was caught by surprise was during a company buyout in 2010.  After the shock, I allowed anger to overtake my happiness and my ability to move on. The lack of control and feeling that all the hard work was not worth it infuriated me. I had taken it as a blow to my worth as a person because I had let my career success define me.

Fortunately, that anger did pass and I was able to find an amazing job with amazing coworkers and learn an incredible amount. I had grown due to those changes and ended up better off in the long run.

Now after growing in self-awareness, realizing my worth isn’t only defined by where I work, I have more faith that sometime in the future I will learn that this change and current uncertainty will be good for me as well.

You see, since 2010 I have been working on me as a whole person. I have searched more for significance than success and realized that no job, income or failure can define who I am or my worth.

What I have also learned is when we do work hard and choose to do what is right despite the possible outcomes, others do notice. All we can control are our efforts. Rather than letting rejection stop us, we need to say to ourselves, “this must mean I have so much more to offer somewhere else.”

If you have defined yourself by any one part of you instead of your whole value, then start listing all the incredible reason’s why you exist and begin living out all that you are on your life journey.

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